Model: (Click to see more) 58035: Wild Willy Willys M38
Status: NIB
Date: 23-Dec-2005
Comments: 4
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Believe it or not I found this beautiful mint sealed kit from a hobby shop that I was searching for buried treasure and there it was stacked in with a bunch of Lionel trains. It was a great find and this classic has the MRC sticker stuck outside on top of the shrink wrap.

This was a very fun vehicle I had as a kid and my two other good friends had them too. We would line up side by side on our street to see who could do the longest wheelie before the front tires hit the ground. Sometimes we would even bet our lunch money on those wheelie contest.

Ahhh, great memories!!




Man where did you find al these sealed ones! No dont tell! Nice collection

Gixer Jay


Thanks a lot!! Lots of hobbyshop searching over the years and very much patience on E-bay.


Hi! Lovely.........If you ever want to sell. let me know.



What a find!!!

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