Model: (Click to see more) 58059: Porsche 959 4WD
Status: NIB
Date: 24-Dec-2005
Comments: 3
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Wow!!! What a totally incredible kit! All around probably the best NIB Porsche 959 on the planet! Mint, MINT, MINT sealed, super color, bright white, and just flawless!! I watched the Bay for years waiting to acquire a mint C-10 Porsche, but not one ever came around. So this is how it worked out. About 6 months ago I settled for just your average NIB 959 from Japan as I was dying to add one of these to my collection. It just so happened that I knew of only 1 guy that had the type of kit I was looking for and I knew he was a TC member here, so I figured I'd just ask him about a sale. Well, to make a long story short here it is.. Thanks Jim! :) So, I sold off my other un-sealed, creased, taped, Japanese version kit and now I have this gleaming white mint sealed new in box English version. It didn't come cheap or did it come easy, but it is definitely a true collectors dream!!!!!




A wothy addition to your collection, very nice kit! i bet there are not many around in this state!

Gixer Jay


Thanks Stefan!


easily worth 2 grand in this cond. another stunning kit awesome!!

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