Model: (Click to see more) 58077: Mud Blaster
Status: NIB
Date: 24-Dec-2005
Comments: 2
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I actually was very lucky to find this rare sealed NIB kit. I'm a very die hard racer and one of my days racing I was having a conversation with a fellow racer I have known for years. I got to telling him about my collecting of old kits I use to play with and race when I was a kid. So come to find out this racer friend of mine that I have known for years said that he had an old Tamiya truck stashed away in his basement that he originally bought for his dad to bash, but then his dad decided to get into R/C for racing and not bashing. Him nor his dad ever opened the kit, but just put it away with thoughts of maybe one day building it. So as it turns out it was the Mud Blaster. Wow, what an awesome kit!! This was one of the bashers I had as a kid when all of my friends were running Monster Beetle's and Blackfoot's. I wanted to be on the same bashing chassis, but at the same time be different from them. So the Mud Blaster it was.. So many great memories with this kit!!! By the time I was done with it had all the J&G hop-ups on it, full ball bearings, and oil filled Monster Beetle shocks on it. Of course I was a avid racer on the weekends with my other vehicles so I just couldn't resist hopping up my day to day basher to the max to be different from all my other friends vehicles......... This Mud Blaster is mint sealed, awesome color, gleaming white and perfect all the way!!






it must be great being you lol,these kits are all so nice awesome collection best ive ever seen

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