Model: (Click to see more) 58280: TXT-1
Status: Runner
Date: 5-Jan-2006
Comments: 6
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After tumbling six feet from rocks into the sea (it ended up completly submerged, i still have nightmares :l ) my 2 day old txt needed a full strip down and rebuild.
I decided to start a fresh on the truck and build it up to be a basher (it had been well cristened!) as txt owners will agree im sure the truck in standard form is slooooow, this annoyed me, I wanted tonnes more speed, so I upgraded the power firstly by installing two mod motors ballraces and 3600 stickpacks.
The txt is an emence model it easily weighs four times a laden tt01, So i stripped mine of all unnecessary parts, and set about lowering the COG the most effective way i found was to invert the transmission, its a trick used by some 'crawler guys' in the US and involved replacing the props, (iv got some revo ones heading my way as i type this) As the frame on my truck is standard this mod reduces the ground clearence but its still more than adequate for general thrashing. Im also putting my CAD skills to the test in designing moto-x style bash guard for those now vounerable motors, big changes are afoot watch this space!

Divisive I know but the clods scheme has class. getting some imex pullers soon new body mounts Box fresh, @ black rock sands Beaches are the best place to run offroad r/c's Pre-locked diffs lol



The bounty hunter shell is amazing!!!!!



Very nice car especially with the Clod shell. Hope you'll add a grille to it soon.



MENTAL looking truck! In the 4th picture it looks like a real 1/1. Just love the Bounty Hunter body. Nice work fella!



Hi im concidering swapping my hilux 3 speed. I need 2 no a biy more. Is all of the original gear going to be with the truck, and what batteries will it come with. My hilux is ok needs radio and a few spares, the gear box is sound, partly ballrace, it also has had a new front internal axle. Are there any mods which can not be reversed. And finally where do you live. Please let me know what you think.

Many thanks




Sweet TXT, this truck is responsible for me having to get 1! Hope its still going? Any update pics?



Sorry This truck is no longer mine, i desperately needed to fund Uni, its a real shame i realy liked driving this beast about! these were the last photos taken :'(

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