Model: (Click to see more) 58211: Rover Mini Cooper Racing
Status: Project
Date: 8-Jan-2006
Comments: 3
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I bought this for my other half's M03 chassis in 2005 from a UK Ebay seller (zippyrainbow?). In fairness its not as good detail as a standard Tamiya bodyshell or my Moke or Traveller. The polycarb is quite thick in places. But it looks cool.

M03 Mini Pickup M03 Mini Pickup



Smart looking body. Tempted to keep my eyes open for one to replace my tired mini body. Can't wait to see it finished



i love this shell. i think i may have lost out to you on this very shell. i think this shell and you mini traviler are the best i've seen... ever!! now were ebay again!



How does the chant go?....... Finish it!.. Finish it!......
Nice find

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