Model: (Click to see more) 58081: Nissan King Cab
Status: Runner
Date: 21-Jan-2006
Comments: 4
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I wanted something a little bit different to run around the yard. I really like the S-10 body and it fits the King Cab's wheel base pretty good! This truck has Associated blue aluminum shocks and WW2 chrome rims with Imex Lunchbox/Pumpkin sized spiked tires. I thought they looked great like the original King Cab spikes do.
I added another pic showing a close-up of the antenna relocation and the spaced out Super Blackfoot rear body mounts.

Close-up of the body mounts & antenna relocation




I've got a similar project in the works with an S10 shell and KC chassis. Yours looks fantastic! Nice choice of wheels too. I've gone for extended body posts to fit the shell in a different position. How have you gone about it?



That's a real fresh looking paintjob, great truck!



That looks realoly great!



thanks guys for the comments! phoenix, i used the hilux rear body mounts in the front for the extra hieght. and used super blackfoot rear body mounts spaced out about 12mm from the back of the shock tower at the same holes. i also relocated the stock KC antenna mount to the center of the front edge of the shock tower. this makes all the stock S-10 holes line up perfectly! i did have to redrill for the front though!

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