Model: (Click to see more) 58063: Lunchbox
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Date: 22-Jan-2006
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I've had this Lunchbox since new - bought it from a Beatties back in 1989. Well, it was used for a year or so then other cars came and went, and it kind of just got left to gather dust.

I dug it out over Christmas '05, dismantled it, gave it a good clean and rebuilt it, taking the opportunity to add ball-bearings all round, hop-up CVA dampers, an ESC and Orion motor with heatsink. Also I changed the rather soggy standard CVA springs for some DF-02 hop-up items, but I think they are too stiff, I have plenty of understeer now. They look good though!

Next on the list is a NIB body-set, wheels and tyres from The Bay which will get done soon.

This thing is great fun, even 17 years later!

EDIT: Found the original box too, still has the inserts and Hop-Up instructions in there!

Back from the dead Undressed Vanessa Mint original box

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