Model: (Click to see more) 99996: Radio Gear
Status: Extra info
Date: 27-Jan-2006
Comments: 5
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Recently bought a really nice original SS off ebay from a local guy who has used it about 3 or 4 times when he was 13 then put it away in the loft until now. When he originally bought the car the shop owner suggested an esc straight away, and this is the speedo he bought. Never seen one of these before and wondered if anyone here recognised it and knew the value/rarity of it? Im not looking to sell it (could be persuaded though ;) ),just curious as to how popular these were etc. Its in full working order.




Like I said other night mate, Never ever seen one of these before. But it's such dam good idea!! Bet it wasn't cheap at the time. I like it even more coz it was made purely for the SRB's. Niiiiiiiiiice!!!!!!



I got one of those esc's in my first ss resto project. Has a monster transistor that bolts to the gear case and 3 step forward relays.



Yeah mine has the bits attached half the rear resistor cage.



I got one of these when I bought a SuperChamp, when I sold the car I kept that old esc cos it looked so interesting. I'm gonna be using mine in my SS resto........



I have one in a Rough Rider, it seems rather too fragile for my liking and not very watertight !! but it will stay, like LUKE I'll keep it if I ever sell the car !!

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