Model: (Click to see more) 58059: Porsche 959 4WD
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Date: 15-Feb-2006
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Now's your chance to make your 959 look like the real thing !!!!

Genuine Porsche style 959 aluminium wheels as used on the original car. CNC machined and hand finished with 10mm hex drive to fit straight onto your car.
These wheels are designed to replace the silly yellow Tamiya wheels that came with the kit. They will make your 959 look like a real car.
Wheels are made light and strong and will make any 959 look awesome. These wheels can be ordered in Natural Aluminium or Bright Clear Anodised.

Natural aluminium finish set of 4 wheels £50.00 + P&P
Bright clear anodised set of 4 wheels £62.00 + P&P
The Original 959 had White wheels, if this would be your preference, the Natural Aluminium wheels are best. These can be primered and painted White for that Perfect 959 Model.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Painted White The Real 959 Porsche in the Paris-Dakar Rally




these are really stunning too bad i dont have a 959 I wonder if they would fit on a M chassis car??



Absolutely beautiful wheels, nice job on the craftsmanship...Maybe I will order a set just to put on my Alpine? Will they fit, curious.

rad22rad Alloys


Thanks for your comment Theo. Resin wheels would not be strong enough for runners and would not come close to the quality and durability of these wheels



Those wheels look great, would love to see them in white on the car



They do look so much better than the standard wheels, as Mr P says I would love to see them in white. Answer for scollins and toymkr73 is no, 959 uses a 10mm hex compared to 12mm on m chassis and tourers.

rad22rad Alloys


A Set of white wheels is now available due to demand and is offered as an option. Pictures will follow

Rothmans Racing Team


My god man, these are stellar. It's a real shame I don't have the original wheel adapters, and I can't justify the expense, because I would be all over these like stink on s**t! These are great!



Hi, Do you have any of these wheels in natural alloy left at all? They would look great on my 959 resto. Thanks



Wow! Its a shame i wasn't interested in this model when these wheels were available. Now I just love this one and alway's loved the awesome alloy wheels. I hope one day you might start up again rad. But sure am glad i have my museum pieces Thanks mate

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