Model: (Click to see more) 58110: Super Blackfoot
Status: New built
Date: 10-Dec-2002
Comments: 8
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Custom chassis.



that thangs sweeeeeeeeet!! looks great!!


again sweet looking nice wheels,grill,bumper.

Crash Cramer


Hey Wiked, hows about telling us all where to get the specs on that chassis please. I could use one soon the way I keep driving my Super around. Thanks.



To be honest, I don't really know where you would buy a chassis like this. I originally bought the truck from Ebay and the seller told me that it was a display/show truck used by ESP Hobby Manufacturing to display their new chassis. The seller told me that it was a prototype chassis, so I don't know if ESP Hobby actually produced these for sale.

Tamiya UK


wow! great find, machined alu gear case and shock towers would really finish it off..



nice chassis,bet that truck will take a beating and still come back for more!.

Crash Cramer


Hey everybody, I was reading an old US publication called 'Tamiya RC Car Enthusiast' from a guy named Alex Jung(Auctions! on ebay) and he has an advert for ESP. They seem to be an extensive Clodbuster 'Clodzilla' chassis maker. I know the newsletter is out of print, but maybe enough interest will get them back into some other projects like this one we see here. Just think of all the rejuvinated Blackfeet we could run. The webpage is '' and the tellynumber is 815-455-5440. Let's give them a kick in the seat to make us some chassis parts.


We did design and build that one prototype chassis many years ago. The target price at the time would have been about $150.00 for the kit and we felt that there probably weren't enough people who would spend that kind of money on a truck that only cost about $125.00 to begin with. As such, the project was scrapped. Incidently, we had to use the old shorter Blackfoot suspension arms on the front as our chassis was so much wider and would have been way out of sync with the rear width if we had used the Super Blackfoot arms. We also never made any provisions to mount the battery either, so it really was never quite finished. Indeed, this particular one was sold on EBay a couple of years ago and is now an interesting collectable, for sure. And I'm sorry to say to you Blackfoot fans that we have no plans to ever attempt it again. Eric.

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