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Date: 26-Feb-2006
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When I first started collecting I never thought I'd have such a huge collection of kits that I wanted so bad and or owned as a kid, plus ones that I raced while growing up in the 1980's. Collecting childhood memories can be VERY addicting to say the least!! I say that if your going to own a collection you should show them with pride!! For all the time I spend in my R/C room preping for races with all my current vehicles its nice to glance over to a vintage display of R/C vehicles and reminisce the years past of Radio Controlled Cars History.

1 Lots to see in the City Back when the City began!! 'Under Construction'




LOL! I used to have a good portion of my collection in boxes. Then I got tired of looking at all the boxes and began building them out of the box. Maybe that's your future.. started with the empty shelves... then the NIB kits... next you'll have a picture of all your boxed kits built! LOL!


cool collection, maybe one day, but the wife probably wouldn`t allow



Very nice collection Dude.

Tamiya King


Very nice collection! You have way more will power than me. They would all of been built by now and some of them ran!

Gixer Jay


Thanks guys! I actually have a few built ones on display, but just not pictured here ( they are in my showroom though ).... Dirtyboy, I have a VERY understanding wife. LOL, 1 in a billion!! I guess we all can't be that that lucky, but as long as she knows (thinks) she is #1 and R/C is #2 thats all that matters!! hahaha



some ones spoilt lol


What a superb display!! When I first looked at this I honestly thought it was a picture from a 80's model shop! The way youve arranged them is just like a shop. I LOVE IT!!! All you need now is some bright, card board, star shaped price tags on them



Very nice, not going to start your own shop are you. Only joking honest! Boxes are nice, built kits are better and more fun to look at, my opinion.



WOW! Now that IS impressive! ..have to say though that it hurts me to see all that engineering and design (not to mention FUN!) shut away in boxes though - ah well, maybe one day you'll build them up eh?



Wow. Looks just like the LHS about 20 years ago ! I myself would pay an admission fee to have a stroll past that display and re-live my childhhod !


jay leave those mint boxes alone dont listen to these guys lol,this is without a doubt the finest looking collection display IMO on TC,if i had the cash and room lol this is exactly what id be doing to,i love newly built shelf queens too but mint sealed kit boxes are just more pretty to me,again this is just awesome it does look just like a hobby store from 20 yrs ago and probably about 20 grand worth plus


i almost forgot jay where did you store all these kits before you built the display?hope you got a big house



Hi Jay, That is an awesome collection, thanks for sharing it with us all here. I can't believe I have looked at your showroom before and missed it. Thanks for giving me a glimpse of the city. Ed


Where do you live- THink i could be tempted to be a burgerler-er for a day



Amazing.... The R/C Museum. You should start taking donations with donor name cards by them, and charge admission!!!



Wow..fantastic collection. Fortunate for my wallet that I lusted after faaar fewer cars as a kid in the '80's. Just picked up a complete Supershot after never being able to afford one growing up.

As amazing as NIB kits are, I have to agree with some of the other posters in that it's cooler when they are built and at least some of them run. I am restoring and planning to run my Supershot -- that's what they were made for, right?

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