Model: (Click to see more) 99995: Motors
Status: Extra info
Date: 1-Mar-2006
Comments: 8
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Well, I've finally gone brushless.

Just finished installing it today, plan to give it a test run this weekend, weather permitting. I suspect the beach will never be the same again. ;)

I got this particular set ( Novak SS 5800 ) on eBay for what was probably too much :( but hey- it's BRUSHLESS!

Downloaded the instruction manual from Novak's website, which I must add, is very convenient! According to the manual there are six different 'programs' to select from, each being a variation on rpm, acceleration, and braking. Seems that the braking is quite important as this motor has near zero off power friction. With the new motor installed it feels almost like the Blitzer is missing the pinion gear!

Hopefully weather will be kind to me this weekend and I can give it a go on the wide open beach. I'm guessing the Blitzer wasn't really designed to handle this kind of brutish power, so I think I may stick with the 'sportsman' setting on the ESC - unless the old Blitzer drivetrain can handle the 'SS high' program !?!

-stay tuned-


March 5 -- Got the Blitzer to the beach today!


So this is what brushless is all about [:O] !!

Started off in sportsman, which is well beyond any stock setup I've ever used. Tried SS 'high mode for a minute and promptly lost a wheel nut, followed by the wheel. (see pic, lol)

Over all I have to say that the 5800 works pretty well in the old BB. Yeah, it's about twice as much power than the chassis was ever designed for, but I think this really is one of Tamiya's more durable drive trains - making the combination of Blitzer+Brushless real no-hassle fun.

POW! Rear wheel way out there in the upper left lol

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Caught the ^Bug^







uh oh be careful of your roof with this setup my BB just flipped straight onto the roof under acceleration every time so a home made wheelie bar was very much needed !!!!



Ah Ha! Good advise, Monty! A wheelie bar will indeed be in order. Not much weight over the front wheels in these things!



I just put the same setup in my Stampede and you will not be dissapointed!!!! Yippeeeeee.......Zoooooom......



Nice paint job! I doubt the BB transmission can handle the power, so better put the 'sportsman' setting



That is one sweeeet looking BB you got there matey, make sure you have a wide open space as that thing is going to be mental, Just a little note...I think Wild dagger dogbones are the same size cos I think you may well be needing some soon, lol.....ENJOY!!!!!!!!



Thanks Belly- I've already considered the 53028 Thunder Shot Universal Shaft & Cup Set - just can't find 'em! -Steve



mmm..... brushless... Cant go wrong with brushless power and lipo's are the icing on the cake

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