Model: (Click to see more) 58111: Toyota 4x4 Pickup Mountaineer
Status: Other
Date: 5-Mar-2006
Comments: 3
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I bought this from a guy in September of 2005. He worked at a local hobby shop here. His house burned down. He was able to find this truck in there. It was a New Built kit. He lost several other older Tamiya's. I was bummed when I heard. He asked me If I wanted to buy this from him because he knew I would restore it back to new. I did just that. You can see the restored Fire truck in my show room. I called it the Fire Truck because of that. The body was already one I had painted up years ago and was a new shell. This Mountaineer #5.

Restored chassis to New condition. After being restored.




its amazing how well it survived it looks alot like the uk program top gears hilux they done everything to it and it still drove after being set on fire, put on the top of a tall building that was being demolished a wreker ball smashed into it and theydrove it to the sea .

nice work on the restoration .



very nice looking truck shame about the fire that started it all but ended up a nice truck cheers corrie

Crash Cramer


How come I never thought to use wrenches for Jack stands??? This looks great and the burnt body could be converted to a Hilux homage just like the top gear version.

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