Model: (Click to see more) 58111: Toyota 4x4 Pickup Mountaineer
Status: Other
Date: 5-Mar-2006
Comments: 5
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For Sale. It's in my trades. $1000.00 dollars and shipping included worldwide.

Did you see the burned photos in part 1. It was terrible. It smelled like burnt charcoal. I rezinced the chassis. Polished all the cast stuff. Rechromed the wheels. The wheels were actually ok. The bumpers and all the white plastic parts were stained brown so I dyed them black. I had to add new tires, a radio box and speed controller etc. I added the new body I had painted years ago which was just perfect.




Wow - they just get better and better !



Like a Phoenix from the ashes !
Very nice job you have done - wouldn't beleive it was the same truck !
How long did it take you ?
Well worth the effort. Well done.



Yikes..That thing looks Sweet.



Amazing that this is the same truck as in your previous post!


I must your bruiser looks absolutely perfect and very brilliant. In case you intend to sell just let me know, as I think such a nice modell deserves a real modeler person. Have a great day mario

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