Model: (Click to see more) 58346: The Grasshopper
Status: Runner
Date: 7-Mar-2006
Comments: 5
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Was new, now a runner - The GrassHopper is fully ballraced (including the front wheels). I added a Tamiya 540 Sport Tuned motor, Team CRP Chrome wheel caps, CRP HP Steering Rod kit, Parma rear oil filled shocks (no body modification required to install them), You-G front oil-filled shocks (mount to stock shock tower), Parma aluminum nerf bars, and Parma dual wheel adapters front and back (photo below).
The dual wheel adapters add that Monster Hopper look. Completed several runs and found that it was impossible to flip the car over due to the extended wheel base. It adds a little weight, but allows the car to turn at full speed.
On the downside, Parma did not include any part to couple both rear wheels - so the outer wheels were spinning freely causing the car to get hung up while driving off-road. To solve the problem, I purchased a set of black high density foam hair rollers with a smooth coating and cut their length little shorter. The verdict - the foam cylinders fit along the dual wheel shaft perfectly and are the exact diameter of the inner hub caps. The pressure the foam creates between the wheels acts as a perfect coupler to keep the outer wheels from spinning freely. The car then ran great off-road and on-road with the dual wheels. (now used on-road mostly to protect the body from hard damage). See photo below for shot of the wheel couplers.

Side Profile Suspension Detail - Front Driver detail - Up Close Suspension Detail - Rear (designed for rev mount) Car detail - Quad Dual Wheels - Old Photo Dual Wheel Coupler - Detail




Very cool and interesting creation! I have never seen twin wheels on R/C buggy before, bet it stick like glue on tarmac when it is that wide. Can’t wait to see pictures of you future modifications.



Nice grasshopper, i like the front suspension, pity not available any more, but i wonder if i can modify another sort of damper...mmmmmmmm. love those blue oil shocks, and the tyres look pretty mean as well. Not sure about the dual wheel set-up- was that to increase handling, then, wont it make the car handle strangely?
thanks- great grasshopper

tuff bug


Thats a realy nice example the driver looks real



Another fantastic grasshopper, im starting to get jealous now!



Cool GHopper. Looking for those oil dampers myself, so I can upgrade the engine

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