Model: (Click to see more) 99989: Schumacher
Status: New built
Date: 15-Mar-2006
Comments: 3
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Thanks goes out to steve for this one. Another classic i have always hankerd after. I find it very strange in desighn compared to older schumachers. it seems to be a change in direction, for them. for better or for worse i have not found out as i have only ever run a cougar 2 works, but it certainly looks the buisnuess!!




thats a nice looking car you have there, but it looks way too clean.....and you need some paint on it....



Nice car, even nicer view!!!

super gripper


Haven't seen one of these in ages! Never run 2wd, just remeber marshaling them - never seemed to go to well. Schumacher went on abit of a downward spiral with this chassis.

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