Model: (Click to see more) 58192: King Blackfoot
Status: Project
Date: 26-Mar-2006
Comments: 3
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got this out of the local paper, came with everything radio battery only thing missing is the front and back bumper luckily i pulled these off of my other one before they got to bad. i would like to get this one lookin good enough for the shelf, but i have a few in this state, and i aint got no money trees growing round here so 'one day' is the way to go. enjoy

*********update************* after a year i still hadn't done anything to this truck and firstsecondthirdgear..... etc had a nice one for sale so i decided to sell this one and skip the whole resto project, especially being as this one has a snapped bonnet and the bodyshells cist a fortune. i sold this to my mate who is running it giving it hell, loving it just like me and my basher kbf great trucks these, the last pic was taken on me phone couple o days after selling it to him. and i have a nice new shiny one sat on my shelf, or should i say hung on me wall ;) enjoy it tony

muddy truck, lovin it

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
oh what a big box you have mister postman



Hi there do u have the build instrutions if so i was just wondering if you could post them to me as i lost mine in a house move . Hope to hear from you soon



only got one set i'm affraid mate and they're staying in the box, but if you need any help with this truck or these chassis, hit us with the questions, if i don't know the answer i'm sure many other tc members will. peace



If you need any parts, let me know... I've got quite a few and I'd love to donate to such a worthy cause!

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