Model: (Click to see more) 58111: Toyota 4x4 Pickup Mountaineer
Status: Runner
Date: 26-Mar-2006
Comments: 1
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I restored this in 5-2002. Totally replated everthing.
Bead blasted some parts and or polished them. Added Aluminum wheels, Proline Masher 2000 tires. Traxxas sliders as drive shafts. Sealed tranny which runs Marvel Mystery oil. Full Bearings. Body is a Parma F-150 13' wheelbase cut down to fit. Fender flares are black fuel tubing. Lrp Pro reverse speedo. I added a Juggernaut roll bar with LEDS. Also added front and rear lights on the body for night driving. I think that's it. Hope you like it. Original body is put away for now.

This is when I got it.



Outstanding ! I really must get one of these.

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