Model: (Click to see more) 57701: RTR Pajero Rally Sports (CC)
Status: Extra info
Date: 28-Mar-2006
Comments: 4
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i got this small tub from a local shop, and thought it would be ideal to put my reciever and esc in. i used my dremel to cut the holes in it, which made it fit in the rear section of the pajero. i cut a hole to poke the battery connector through, and sealed that with superglue. i am going to seal the holes and cables with silicone sealant and i have stuck the esc and reciever to the bottom of the tub with sticky pads.

it was really made for food! battery connector fixed with superglue inside, esc and reciever stuck down with pads just 2 bolts hold it down new sponsor for pajero 'freeze&store' ooooooooh er




Nice idea! Just right for a bit of snorkeling lol



Verry nice. Almost exactly like my tupperware box on my Pajero. Works great, and I also twin my arial around it so I don't have to use a antenna.



Just an idea, but if you had stuck the esc and reciever to the lid rather than the base they would be even more protected. that way you could also remove them for some odd reason if you wanted too.



But wouldnt the rear end float up if you were to go into really deep water? But its still a good idea!

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