Model: (Click to see more) 58041: The Frog
Status: Restored
Date: 2-Apr-2006
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Painting removed and new Cabling done. Still needs some cleaning and repainting to the original colors.

9.4.06 00:10 : First run this night, before that i built in R/C Components from the past, Acoms AS-7 Servos and the real old Acoms Receiver. The Motor did not survive the last 20 years and i had to change it, i did not like the flames coming out of it :-)

New Paintjob with Home - Made Decals. Not bad for a Runner

Update 23.09.2006 : The Froggy was outdoor for his real first drive after resto. 2nd speed's not working so i have to check that, but i could take some nice shots.

Brothers in arms first day out after years




Nice paintjob!

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