Model: (Click to see more) 99989: Schumacher
Status: Project
Date: 3-Apr-2006
Comments: 3
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New project off the bay - a Schuey Nitro 4x4. I have wanted one of these since they were released.... at the staggering price of US$850!!!
Basically, Schumacher took the engine from their 2wd Nitro 10, and mated that to a modified BossCat chassis... the results of which look pretty impressive!!!
This cost me basically bugger all from eBay, and arrived very quickly too. First project will be to source a new drive belt, and replace the shocks (white plastic and SAGGY). I should have all the drive bits that are missing in my spares...
Funniest thing with this is the fact that the previous owner has placed 2wd rib front tyres all round.... performance must have been so bad, even Tamiyas would have been able to keep up... maybe....
This shall be a nice project... honest, I'll get to it soon!!!

Chassis... Must connect that exhaust... Rear suspension detail... Front end... Drive... Shouldn't take too long...




Nice find buddy.! Looks pretty impressive...although yeah...gotta love those white shocks... Got a shell for it...? Rod



Nice find, I didn't even know they existed! Home for your 2 door 86 shell maybe?



WOW! One of the forgotten Schumachers - can't be many of these left? I wanted one of these so bad when I saw the review in the R/C mag 'Radio Race Car'. Nice find - did you ever get it going?

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