Model: (Click to see more) 99996: Radio Gear
Status: Other
Date: 9-Apr-2006
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Futaba 9CAPS Model-FUTK89: 'Surface Use' designated (though states Airplane System on tx??) Surprisingly affordable. Hopefully enough to control Hilux 01 full light setup. If not will use MFU from 1/14 tractor. Allocated channels: Lights; Driving w/brights, turn signals, backup, light bar (copy of Bruiser's), also scale Meyer snowplow in progress and winch to fit in grill/light guard taken off Bruiser when complete? [My Tamiyas hate me as my fabricating ability is slow as molasses.]

Old Futaba FP-S28 servo, it's potentiometer removed, with exponential creates a cheap compact winch drive. Servo is now essentially a geared, proportional motor with variable acceleration curve and built in ESC. Very compact. May need larger BB servo in future but this is testing phase only. All for around $25 new. In this case-free. How does it work...very well thank you.

Found many sites showing procedure for dealing with pot. (Standard S148 procedure is same for many Futaba servos) Easiest with clearest examples is Excellent step-by-step instruction and photos.

Winch exponential=slow pulling with push/pull of R. stick. Full speed at 45% throw (versus 90% normal) should allow cinching up steel (jewelry) cable with quick transition for full speed pulling. Dual receiver packs compensate anticipated high drain. Won't be jumping Hilux01 (white) soon. Mountaineer may not be so lucky. :-)

Update: 08/09/2006 (Re-added due to TC crash)

Last pics show gorgeous, polycarbonate custom shiftgates compliments of an artist named Ant88. Thanks Ant! :)

(Note: I'm a scale model builder. I also happen to enjoy RC.)

Handsome tx. Terrific champagne color. Pot removed. Adjusting exponential settings. D/R exponential: 'pulling' @45%, 'releasing' @55% Ant's custom shiftgates. Top work.

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