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Status: Real car / Reference
Date: 12-Apr-2006
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The 993RS featured is the 3rd generation RS, after the 1973 911 2.7 RS and 964RS, and came in two configurations - Comfort and Club Sport. The car was based on the 1994 Super Cup car, which raced in the Super Cup series of the mid-nineties.

RSR 885H is a 1996 model, LHD, German import. Rules stated that Porsche had to build a minimum of 1000 road going versions in order to race the 993 (Super) Cup car. As such, this is one of approximately 1,200 built worldwide.

993RS (road version) 993RS (road version) 993RS (road version) Engine Bay 993RS - Club Sport (red) and Comfort (yellow) 993 Super Cup Car - raced during the mid nineties




thats very nice indeed , do you do any track days?



Thanks. Yes I did (and still do very occasionally) track it, but less so as time passes by, since these cars are becoming quite sought after classics.



these gold mehed rims. yes they are the only thing. original rims or these BBS polished rims. and black. wow. what a combination. i prefer the wider version of the 993 as 4S or even of course as TURBO then the back viem is terrible great.



yeah probably best to look after it now.

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