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Status: Other
Date: 12-Apr-2006
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I went to TamiyaCon XI, and all I got was this T-Shirt :(.
TamiyaCon is held every year at Tamiya's US Headquarters in Aliso Viejo California. Ironically they had very little choice for kits in their sales tent (RC & Static Models). No Re-Release kits were on sale, the Dark Impact was 'not' on sale - only the TamTech Frog, most all of the RC Tank Kits, and some new Touring cars.
This year was strongly focused on the Tank Kits and Touring cars. Their street track is awesome! Unfortunately their off-road track needs some work (kinda like running your car in a big sandbox).
Several pictures from this years TamiyaCon are now posted on

Official TamiyaCon XI T-Shirt - Large, all cotton!




Did you see the XR311's going for $90? A great price even if you don't rate the kit. Good to hear you had fun.

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