Model: (Click to see more) 58028: Toyota 4x4 Pick Up
Status: Restored
Date: 15-Apr-2006
Comments: 10
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I was asked some time ago to spray and detail a Hilux body for my friend and TC member 'Dunkman'. Dunk wanted a Metallic Black body with superb Silver Decals from Chris at TC. I have always wanted to do this colour scheme on a Hilux and i must say i love it. Dunk gave me a tatty brown painted Hilux body to use. This was stripped back to plastic, primered and sprayed metallic black. Once this was done i added the decals and i can't stress how good these are they are no problem to work with. Over all this i sprayed several clear coats and left it all for 2 weeks to harden. Next the whole body was flatted back and polished to give a smooth high gloss finish.
Dunk wanted something special for the interior, a Carbon Fibre Dash. This was done using water slide decals, each section of the dash was masked to give a template for the decal to be cut. This took some time but the results look very real. Dunk wanted white seats with black piping so this was done also. It contrasts perfectly with the black body and decals. All the tyres were cleaned and prepped to give them a new look and protect the rubber from perishing. All the lettering was added to both sides of the tyres. Next the front bumper was bad and bent, the black plastic uprights were filled and smoothed flat then sprayed satin black.
All tubes were cleaned and built up so that the bumper was level with the body. Once all this was done the body was detailed with chrome trims, lights, window surrounds, markings, panel lines and spot lights and roll bar were fitted. The Driver was painted and given a denim style jacket and driving gloves. All of this was put together on Dunk's Hilux Chassis and given a final polish with wax. To finally finish this Truck all Dunk needs to do is get a Mirror , new black plastic wheel hubs and a new Switch cover. I love the look of this Truck, and i will have to make one for myself one day. This one's for you Dunk ENJOY !!!!!

1 1 1 Carbon Dash 1 1 1


Maxxed Ross


looks superb mate, nice job!



This one is cool !!!
the collor and decals combination!

i want it to! good job!



Looks very nice. Those decals look good on the Black.



STUNNING result . . . . again


Rad, You've really done me proud mate! This Hilux has to be seen to be believed. You have created true work of art. The attention that you have paid to every detail on the body is truely remarkable. The 'mirror-like' finish is unbelievable, & I love the carbon dash! Thankyou so very much for your time and effort. I'm sure that anyone who ever gets to see this Hilux for real will agree with me in saying that it's 'Awesome'!
I'll get hold of a mirror,wheel hubs and a new rubber switch cover. I'll then have the pleasure of putting this complete Hilux in my showroom.
I've spent most of this Easter Bank Hol's just starring at this Hilux. I've even told my wife to place this truck in the coffin with me, as I don't ever want to be parted with it!
Cheers Rad, I'm delighted...



Oooooh...very nice (slobbering). Love the interior touches. Would you paint mine?



Impressive! Very nice work. Probably the best Hilux I have seen.



Stunning mate as all your finished articles are. Fantastic!



How did I miss this!!!!! Stunning! Straight in to 'my favourites' she goes...

Crash Cramer


This is a great Mk1 to your Mounty. You ought to update this post with a link to your Mounty version. Excellent work.

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