Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: Runner
Date: 18-Apr-2006
Comments: 14
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This is my other SS chassis that I fitted with a Blitzer Shell to be my summer runner. It's fully ball-raced, has all brass CRP gears, and is fit with a Sport Tuned motor. My Parents live near the beach on Long Island and this will be perfect for the summer weekend runs. The shell is painted with House of Kolor metallic silver undercoat and is topped with 3 cans of Tamiya Clear Orange Lacquer (TS-73) and followed by a couple of clear coats. I didn't want to put too many stickers on it as I wanted more of a California Dune Buggy feel rather than a racer. My putty work wasn't so hot, but it's a runner so no worries. Comments are always welcome. Thanks for looking!

UPDATE (4/23/06): So as per Moosey's suggestions, I've made a couple of changes to this ride...License plates, driver, and glass have been added and the window seals have been painted. The glass was cut by the previous owner, but looks good for the dune buggy feel. I also added a Blackfoot head for a more casual look. Hope you like the updates and thanks for looking. This is going to be wicked on the beach this summer!

Before After California Dreamin'...



I like it! NO. I love it!
Im a big VW nut & Hope to some day be able to aford one. They are verry realistic & accurite to the real thing. (Which I have.)
I just purchaced a mint Monster Beetle w/ box, radio, batery, etc. Cant wate to get it! Got it for $250



That is a lovely colour! This is what baja bugs looked like in the 70's, nice



What shocks do you use?
Nice looking Cal Bug!!!



looks cool mate!!!! love the wehels, don`t suppose you have any spare, do you? Should be a brilliant runner on the beach with the upgraded shocks etc...nice one!

Peter James


WOW! Thanks for the kind words everyone. To answer some of the questions...The front has the Tamiya CVA Short Shocks (50520) and the rear is supported with the Super Low Friction TA03 shocks (53280)...a bit pricey, but well worth it. The wheel covers are from CRP and are triple chrome plated. Sorry Nokemyster, but it's my only set



I must admit I adore this colour!!! Looks mouth watering in the sun.. But I'd like to see it finished with the glass, Driver, plates etc..



Looks lovely!! The colour is superb and it's gonna look even better on the beach. Here's hoping for some action shots soon...



Very nicely made!



That's a wicked paint job! It looks great in the streets of Brooklyn as well!

Peter James


Wow, Jun! Coming from you, that is a huge compliment for me. Thank you very, very much.


The realism of the SS still strikes me, especially if someone uses a , dare I say''realistic'paintjob.
I got inspiration from Your beautiful warm metal-orange paintjob, and used it on my FrogScorcher or SandFrog.....Yes, SS-body fits Frog quite nice..Thanks for The Paint-Idea.

Peter James


Thanks for the compliment. Nice to know that I can inspire. I'd love to see your interpretation.



that looks stunning! top work!



You should move the before pic to the end so we can see how cool the finished but looks in the showroom thumbnails. Greatwork all the same.

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