Model: (Click to see more) 58058: Blackfoot
Status: Runner
Date: 3-May-2006
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I challenged myself to make a runner with a sound shell, and not spend ANYTHING!


Ok, well this is a combination of a VERY battered Blackfoot and a VERY tidy Monster Beetle.

The MB shell was badly damaged and i decided to restore the BF shell to use for this as there was too many components for the MB and i wanted a very cheap resto/runner.

With the MB shell out of the way, i concentrated on tidying up the MB chassis.

I fitted/repaired the body mounts and fitted a new front bumper.

I also completely stripped the gearbox, and regreased everything.

I then added a new std 540 motor,std Tamiya ESC, Acoms Reciever and Servo.

The MB came with original yellow shocks on the front and hopped up shocks on the rear, these only required stripping and the shock fluid changing.

I also replaced 90% of the screws, due to damaged heads and threads.

Finally, i chose to fit a new set of Lunchbox wheels and new tyres.

Ok, now the BF body!

It had:

Cracked front wing (where bumper screws on).

Major crack on rear bed.

Broken lug on windshield.

The rollbar was snapped.

The chrome components had something on them, which made the chrome chip and flake off.


I stripped all the decals off and gave the body a wipe over with nitro fuel.

I repaired all the cracks with superglue, and sanded and gave the body a light coat of Tamiya Gloss Black on those areas.

I repaired the rollbar with rubber tubing.

I dremmeled all the remaining chrome off the front bumper/grille and painted with tamiya chrome silver/black paints.

I sanded the rear bumper and painted with the chrome silver paint.

I cleaned the tailgate and windshield with WD40.

I then replaced all the screws as they were ALL rusty!!

I then added a few decals, including some flame effect from Parma.

So there we go, one resto and i didnt spend a penny doing it!

It runs pretty good, i will be putting sealed bearings in the future but its ok for now.

Cheers for reading!





what a very cool idea! i too was recently thinking of taking my box 'o parts and making a nice presentable runner. i figured i'd spend a little doing so, but your 'spend no money' idea is challenging and i like that! this blackfoot came out fantastic!!

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