Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: Project
Date: 4-May-2006
Comments: 8
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This has to be one of few none left .there are none on tc and not much info on the web till i found this on kyosho site

This is a very well made car all metal parts even the wheels no diff ,Its a nitro I have no engine though .body has some damage but would look good with a strip and repaint a sort of thin plastic .The thing with this is it weighs a ton the chassis is that well made it has basic springs in the front suspension .

The best detail is the exhaust there is a hole in the gearbox a pipe conects to then all exhaust fumes come out of the twin tail pipes out of the back .This has metal bushes that have a bit of wear in them but at 34 years old to be expected If only i had an engine would love to see this ancient peice of early rc history moving .

I might be putting this on ebay sometime soon .




Ohh, this is cool... VERY clearly shows the phrase: 'Tub-chassis', LOL... Could be a Jacuzzi actually?




Seen these before, love them. Wouldnt it be possible to attach an emaxx gearbox or something similar to it? would love to see it running on the beach.



I expect it would be possible shame i used my emaxx gearbox on my tnx otherwise i might have tried it .



Cool looking bug! An excellent canvas for some groovy 70's style airbrushed metal flake graphics! Instead of a noisey, smelly petrol engine don't you go for a brussless set up?



Very nice, I've seen one or two before. Nice one.



Sweet vintage classic, will look great after some clean and polish!



I had the later Rat Buggy (c1980), it had full double wishbone sus. Gearbox was the same. the engine through the g'box used to rust the ell out of the internals. It didnt go very fast

Road Burner


I love this little buggy! It's so simple and has great detail.

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