Model: (Click to see more) 58074: The Grasshopper II
Status: Restored
Date: 11-Jul-2006
Comments: 7
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Second repost after the big TC crash of 7/8/06 :(.
This modified GrassHopper 2 Super G is my first official restore.
I found my original kit some time ago and was inspired to see this car new again. I restored it via a combination of my remaining good parts (tires / gearbox), a kit I bought from TC member Lemansrc (chassis, oil filled shocks), some mint Fox wheels from TC member Pugjo1 (I noticed the Fox Gold wheels are identical to the dayglow yellow wheels I had for the original Super G and decided to use the Gold wheels for a cooler effect). A retrofit set of You-G blue anodized aluminum nerf bars (did a trick to mount them to the original chassis - droprop me an e-mail if you want to know how they were installed). And finally, a new body kit to finish the restore. It ended up as a slightly hopped up Super G with some vintage style.
I'm actually looking get some identical wheels and chome them as opposed to using the gold wheels. If you have these style rims, please let me know.

Side View Front View Side Profile - Street Driver Detail Side Profile - Grass Rear Profile




Wow nice job, very good lokking car, You have inspired me to restore my Super g as well.

Crash Cramer


Nice, I might build mine now. I want some extra Fox wheels now, what condition you looking for??? I have some wheels. Do you have the correct manual for the Super G??? Could I have a scan of it???



Sweet Ride, I particularly like those nerf bars and the wheels (I think green super G ones look awful!). Body is nice, is it painted white or is it just the plastic finish?



Yup. Three coats of Tamiya TS-7 racing white. It helps to bring out a brighter white finish than the stock plastic shell and looks way better.

tuff bug


Nice car mate



Classy hopper, great to see one painted including the driver so well. Will be more than pleased if my GH2 ends up anything like this!

tuff bug


Tanman77 mentioned this in your showroom It looks great!

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