Model: 99998: Kyosho
Status: NIB
Date: 14-Jul-2006
Comments: 5
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1:8 scale on road car, this one is really huge, amazingly this car was not designed by Kyosho, It is based on a Pirate buggy chassis, Kyosho made the body and wheels only. Another version of this car was sold as a buggy under Kyosho name, the buggy was called Prestige 4WD (see it in my showroom also). Kyosho later used the Inferno DXI chassis for this Porsche model.

see youtube promotional movie here:

Catalog Photo Box photo 1 Box Photo 2 another version based on the Inferno DX Chassis

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Prestige 4WD Kyosho No. 3063 京商



Is it from Graupner and Kyosho? I see the German on box.



It is Kyosho, limited number released with the black box, see Photo # 4 for the japanese box.



I so so want one



I'm on a bargain to get the same one NIB.
It's a Pirate chassis version (beautiful black box). But i think price wanted is a bit high for this car sold without engine. Are you sure it's a limited edition?
If so, may be i'll buy it...



Hi Hagar, the black box (Hobao Pirate) version of the Porsche 959 was made in much less quantities than the Inferno DX based Porsche 959 version that's why it is limited. It got discontinued very quickly and replaced by the Inferno DX based Porsche 959

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