Model: (Click to see more) 58024: Sand Rover
Status: Restored
Date: 14-Jul-2006
Comments: 8
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I've always liked the Sand Rover but never managed to get one. Having seen Stevo309's & DJTheo's oh so sweet green Rovers I thought it was time I got me one!
I picked this up on the bay - it was mostly complete needing only a front suspension arm and a large dollop of TLC! I stripped it and rebuilt it adding ballraces and the obligatory 540 conversion. The body was stripped, filled, sanded and re-painted in a rather groovy 70's metallic green, followed by 6 coats of clear and some Autoglym wax. I added some of Cul-tech's excellent alloy headlights and some Sand Scorcher Wheels and tires. I did initially put chrome rims on it but the white wheels just seem to go with the green a little better.
Having now run it, I can say that it handles like a pig on roller skates, but hey, that's all part of the fun right?!
Comment always welcome. ;-)


Rothmans Racing Team


'handles like a pig on roller skates'? Nice looking Rover and great expression. lol



Gotta get me one of these for a future project. Nice restore!



Looking good! Only things id do is paint the front suspension arms black and do the tire lettering... cant fault it otherwise. Nice work.



Yeah, I think you're right Volksrod. Problem is that the tires are used and most of the letter moulding has gone from the rears! Any recomendations as to a paint that will stick to nylon?



Great colour & even better pics! Bottom one is a cracker!!


Nice job old boy.



Looks like an Excellent restoration, I need to get one of these some day.



Excellent period correct colour and look!

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