Model: (Click to see more) 99983: Associated
Status: Other
Date: 16-Jul-2006
Comments: 2
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HUGE thanks must go out to Monty for the stunning scheme on this RC10. It's truly fantasic. We deviated from box art but heck, it works just as well in blue as it does yellow.

As my showroom gives away, I'm quite a fan of the original RC10. It's a beautiful buggy and there's no end to making each one look a little different. They're quite cheap too, at least compared to my previous obsession with Top Force Evo's!

The wheels are Proline chrome (thanks Jay, MrLexan). The window netting was a crafty home made job by yours truly here. Not often one of my ideas comes to fruition and actually works!

I lost the original description for this car in the crash and can't remember what I said. The pictures can do the talking as I'm sure you'd rather look at them than hear me ramble on!

Don't forget Monty doesn't just paint for me (although he probably thinks that's all he does!). If you want a shell done properly, drop him a line.




Definitely one of the best looking RC 10's on TC. Love the paintscheme. Lets see the rest now

flux density


Lovely old skool !

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