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Date: 19-Jul-2006
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I regularly had trouble telling the difference between the TA 01 and TA 02 chassis, so I thought I would take a few pics to show the obvious differences.

I have also started adding info on parts like dogbones and bearings that are shared with other chassis like TA03, TA04. This may help those looking for parts for their old chassis.

The main one is the chassis tub. the TA 02 has a shorter tub. This means the prop-shaft is shorter, and the rear suspension arms and dogbones are angled backwards to maintain the same wheelbase as the TA 01. The rear body mounts have an offset as well. This means both chassis will fit the same bodies.

The 01 has the radio switch mounting on the left and the 02 has the switch mounting on the right.

The 02 tub has holes under the battery compartment and is closed on the side opposite the battery access hole. The 01 tub has an opening at both ends of the battery, and has the distinctive 'honeycomb' pattern on the inside.

The suspension arms have different strengthening ribs. The 02s are characterised by a diagonal rib and the rear arms are swept backward, the 01 by an X pattern at the rear and Y pattern at the front. The 01 front arms are shorter than the 02s, and consequentlly the 01 uprights are longer than the 02s to maintain the front track.

The 02 front uprights/axles use different size bearings to the 01 and the others. The 02 fronts use 1 x 1510 and 1 x 1260 bearing (these are the same as all 4 hubs used on the TA03). The 02 rears use 2 x 1150s, and the others use 1150s all round.

The 01 dogbones are 45mm lenght overall. They have plastic ends

The 02 front dogbones are 5.5mm longer than the rears (50.5mm), and have metal ball-ends. The 02 rears are the same as the 01 bones, and have the plastic ball-end.

All 4 of the Hummer bones are the same as the 02 fronts - 50.5mm with metal ends (also used on the TA03).

Update: TA04 dogbones are 45mm long and can be used in place of the TA01 bones. They have metal ball-ends.

Now things get a little complicated when these chassis are used on the trucks and buggies. The Terra Conqueror and Blazing Star ( and Manta Ray) use the TA 01 chassis tub with long arms and TA01 uprights. However, there is a slight difference in the front end of the tub. It has been narrowed to meet the gearbox more accurately. The example I have is a Blazing star, so I don't know if this applies to the Manta Ray.

The 'Trophy Trucks' Ford F150, Chevy S 10 and Toyota Prerunner use the TA 02 chassis, but they have TA 01 suspension arms and uprights with the rear arms being flipped around relative to the TA01 cars. They use the 45mm dogbones from the TA01.

These cars are, or have been runners. Consequently there are some screws and small parts like rear bumpers missing.


I have just added some pics of the Hummer front and rear suspension. The arms are different from any of the others, and the steering rods connect to the upper side of the upright, which induces lots of bump steer. Probably better to install the ball on the underside of the upright arm same as all the others.

The Hummer uses the Blazing Star - TA01 type chassis tub and TA01 uprights. The dogbones are 5mm longer than the Stadium truck bones.

10 5 1 4 2 2 3 Hummer front 8 Hummer rear

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Very handy guide, about time someone did somthing like this!


Excellent illustrations. I always knew there are differences between the 01 and 02 but not sure what they are other than the wheel hub (in red) for 01 is longer and the 02 has shorter hub(in blue)



Thanks - I'm about to start rebuilding a TA02 chassis, and this is very helpfull



very nice guide, your TA01 has a TA02 front bumper tho!



Actually it's the TA02 that has the TA01 bumper. The TA01 is a Schnitzer BMW 58113, and the TA02 is a Repsol Escort Cosworth 58176. The bumper is on the E-tree which also has the radio tray and battery retainer. It is the same tree for both chassis, but this bumper is not used on the Cosworth TA02. However it is used on some of the other TA02 chassis cars. I prefer it because it is wider.



Nice! Just what I needed as I have a Hummer...can you mail me the chassis type as I can't figure it out. Nice footage!



I think the Hummer uses the Blazing Star/TA01 type chassis (has the honeycomb pattern inside)with its own suspension arms (different from any of these). I don't have one to compare.



Nice documenting , Very handy info indeed, might convert my 01 into a F150 if i can find a body (thats the hard part) 02 chassis are easy to come by which is good


Kudos for the great info, i own a f-150 currently however.. everytime i turn the steering, there will always be clicking noise from left to right vice versa. Still can't figure out why, anyone knows how why and solutions to it? Thanks in advance!!!

Blacque Jacque


Another invaluable compilation of knowledge, in my favourites it goes, thanks Bluefoot.

Disco Stu


Thank you for submitting this guide,its stopped me buying the wrong parts for my TA01!



I still have one question -- do TA01 arms fit the TA02? I was planning on getting some wide wheels for my FF01 (having adopted lots of parts from the TA02 ), but I still want the wheels to fit the body, and not stick out.

Anyway, this guide is poor gold in my opinion. Thanks a lot mate



Seriously, if it existed you should get a honary doctorate from Mr. Tamiya himself. Thanks for the highly valued info on these chassis types.



I agree, this is a brilliant article. Also the 'TA02' I brought from ebay a couple of years ago is actually a TA01, which is nice! I'm still going to make an F150 out of it



Man I would have never know the difference.



I found it very useful indeed. I got a Terra Conqueror and I try to understand how much similar is comparated to a TA01 components. Thank you



Just superb!



Good reference!



Brilliant guide, very helpful



I wish I;ve found this guide earlier. All the answers to my questions in a single document. Great job.!! Thanks



I wasn't quite sure of the difference as I owned both back in the 90's. The TA02 looks to have the weight pushed forward a little then.


its years after you posted this but i still find it very helpful. I own 2 ta01s, 1 ta02 and one ta02 T. its hard to tell the difference especially if the parts have been tampered with like in my case. thank you again.


This is a valuable resource and thank you.
Very useful once stuck on a project.
Different story though once I got to my TA02SW 40th Porsche . Lots of issues with cobbling together the right parts ??


Very helpfull, i just get TA01 to complete my TA family, and now waiting for TA08 coming to my country, cheers...

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