Model: (Click to see more) 58087: Manta Ray
Status: Runner
Date: 20-Jul-2006
Comments: 2
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I bought the Manta Ray on a whim. I couldn’t think of the next car I wanted to buy, saw the Manta Ray and thought, why not??? To be honest I am glad that I did. I started my usual routine upon receiving it and stripped it right down so I could clean it and re-grease it. I didn’t want to waste lots of money on spraying every part as I did with my other cars as this one is going to be a thrasher, so I just used a few near empty tins to cover the dodgy paint job on it. The car came in a Dirt Thrasher box with Dirt Thrasher shell, but it has a Manta Ray Chassis. The car didn’t need much doing really, only radio gear (of which I have lots of) and the part that holds the battery in place (which I am still trying to source). I have put in an MSC at first as I do not have an ESC to run the Dyna Storm Special 14turn motor I have put in. The car runs fantastically and is very fast, cant wait to take him out this weekend!! Will update....

As I bought it As I bought it Finished! Finished! Finished! Finished!




glad you like it! a great basher! will have a look, think i may have a spare battery clip part



Cheers for the car Nokemyster, really love it. Had it out today with a Supersotck TZ and mtronics ESC in, only problem was is that the steering arm broke, but it ran like a dream before this! LOL! I’ve now bought it an 11turn ESC for the Pink Motor.

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