Model: 99998: Kyosho
Status: Extra info
Date: 21-Jul-2006
Comments: 6
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Always fancied one of these.I was at high school when this appeared on the front cover of Radio Race Car.I had saved a few pennies for a new car and was looking at the Ayk pro radiant, this and a mardave marauder as my first nitro exploit.Of course being young and stupid I bought the marauder :( ! fast forward 15 or so years, So I was talking to triplespeed on the phone when I happened to mention I would fancy one of these but the only one's that came up where a bit junkiefied. Of course he just so happend to have one and here it is. They where based on the raider just modified to take a saloon shell and wheels. I still think kyosho did a good job of making the plastic wheels look alloy.The raider was the kyosho version of the hornet and this shows in the handling but I think this makes it more fun to play with ;) As for the size, the buggy to saloon conversion makes it more of an 1/8th scale rather than 10th.

If anyone has the issue of Radio Race Car with this on the front, I have cash waiting!

Really must cut the grass ! Grows fast this time of year!




Looks great- so sweet to buy a car that has significance to a period in time. Enjoy it!



And sadly enough recently bought a speccy +2 and a copy of dizzy to go with it



Mid-life? I recently bought a Spectrum 48k (had to be the rubber keyed slayer!) Dizzy was one of our games! (Codemasters) Cool.



Pah, i've got a Spectrum 128mb+ ( Trades on Tamiya items )



hi sgt. barnes very nice rs500 i have rc model cars magazine date september 91 your rs500 cost 6895 or the deal 128 90 from nick



wolud look better with cossie wheels...

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