Model: (Click to see more) 58370: Dark Impact
Status: New built
Date: 22-Jul-2006
Comments: 5
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I got this beautiful Dark Impact off eBay for less than a new Dark Impact! The hop-ups I got with it include steering ballraces, RPM T4 bumper, A&E blue adonized titanium turnbuckles, Pro-line Inside Job tires on the front, and Pro-line Evil Twin tires on the rear! It's decked out with a Mtroniks Tempo11 ESC, a Cen DSX transmitter and receiver, a Traxxas 2055 high-torque servo, an Epic Intense Modified 12x2 motor, and, of course, the slipper clutch.

The auction pic




Killer deal. A mint Dark Impact + all the hopups for less than the kit. Lookin good.



It looks really gorgeous! The paintjob is simply. However it's very good! I ordered a Dark Impact and gonna base the paintscheme on yours, if thats oke with you ..



That's great! I'll look forward to seeing it!


what pinion do you use one the car? sweet ride btw



I use a 19t pinion, but, believe it or not, I haven't run this car yet, so I don't know how it performs, hopefully it will do well!

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