Model: (Click to see more) 44013: Raybrig NSX TG10-MK.1
Status: Restored
Date: 22-Jul-2006
Comments: 16
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This car, formerly a bone stock TG10 MK-1 with a Raybrig NSX body, was my first nitro car and also marks my return back to RC after years of absence. I got this car back in '01 at a sale @ Hobby People. It was a ton of fun because a group of my friends from ArtCenter got them and we used to race them in the parking lots late at night, blowing off some stress from school. Well, we were all going the same speed, with the same bodies, wasn't long before I wanted more speed and in went a 2-speed transmission. After that, it just snowballed into hop-up after another, until I crashed it head on into a curb at full throttle, folding the car in half.

It sat for a long time, then a year or so later my friend went traveling through Asia and brought me a bag of parts to fix up my TG10. He got me a bunch of pieces, including the Tamiya carbon top deck, GPM lower chassis, Cross suspension parts, and some other goodies. I got a Yokomo .12 engine and it was up and running again. I always encountered problems with that 2-speed, it would always grenade itself and render the car useless. I enjoyed driving it but maintenance parts seem to be harder to find.

About 2 years ago I started to travel to Asia a few times a year for business and personal reasons, and I would always pick up parts for this car as it's hard to get stuff for it in the states. In my travels to Hong Kong, I would get GPM and TOPCAD parts; in Japan, I would get Cross, TRF, etc. So, I've recently decided that this car is far too sentimental for so many reasons to trash it again. I stripped it down completely and gave it a thorough rebuild. It's quite beautiful, despite being used and having some battle scars- I think it gives this car added character and brings back good memories. I needed a worthy bodyset to top it off, so I dug into my collection and pulled out a Calsonic Skyline R32. I didn't go for the box art, but I wanted a hardcore, Japanese style racer- something you'd see blasting through 'Roulette' in Tokyo. ('Roulette' is a circular highway in the middle of Tokyo near Odaiba, where Skylines, Silvias, RX-7's, etc take over at night for racing). Nothing beats a black on black car in my opinion, so that's what I did for this Skyline. I wanted deep lips in the back wheels with monster camber and stretched tires, just like the real deals in Japan. I sprayed the wheel centers a black gold and gave the body a few thin lines in silver to pop out the details. This thing came out beautiful, I absolutely love this car and all that it stands for. Sorry for the long read, enjoy the car! ;)

don't you hate it when you forget the mirror lens




no need to be sorry about the long read as i enjoyed it, and the car is a stunna! well done chap!



What a fantastic already classic, you can feel its power and speed!


Nice man! I found those gears for u. Too bad The TG10s can't handle any decent power. Thinking of going back to the 1 spd myself.



Cool Raf, bring those gears by and I can finish her off. In return I'll kick down a proper paintjob...we all know your huge 'new built but unpainted shell'collection could use one!



Me want. Skyline's rule gotta get the j plates

rizzo rat


Now thats a car.



Jun, jun, sun, mun, mun, noon, noon, loon!! LOOL!.. This is sexy man!! Love the streched on rear tyres and that magga camber!! You wont get much traction off that rear wheels tho would you!



Love the look of the deep lips and stretched tires!! sick!!


Awesome GT-R. What is the tamiya part number on those tires you have on the rear? Your help would greatly be appreciated.


Please tell me who makes those tires on the back or your TG10 GT-R. Please?!?

carlos vandango


Looks awsome fella looks perfect. How did you get the indicator stickers to stick without creasing and peeling back im having a mare with mine,

carlos vandango


Awsome skyline R32 you have there fella,what a monster.did you have any trouble getting the front indicator decals to stick,and how did you apply them so well?? i can never get them to stay



Gotta love the TG10 MK1. I stocked up on parts for mine a few years back. Have everything possible for the car! They're fun!

tuff bug


that is really very mean I like the negative camber look on the rears or is it positive duno!



The car looks the part, love it! I had some probs with the 2-speed also..



This R32 looks perfect, great job.

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