Model: (Click to see more) 58215: PIAA Porsche 911 GT2 (Ltd. Ed.)
Status: New built
Date: 22-Jul-2006
Comments: 14
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I built this up to complement my Taisan GT2. This car was actually built from pieces, not from kit form. I got the entire chassis from ebay a while ago, and it is basically one big hopup. It has parts from Cross, Kose, GPM, TRF, etc, etc. I had some of my own parts as well, such as the shocks, red belt and a few other goodies. I tricked it out as much as I could.

For the body, I wanted to build a PIAA 911 but they are hard to find and when you do find them, they cost a lot. One day, while browsing ebay I lucked out and found 3 911GT2 bodies, NIB from one seller for a ridiculous deal. I almost broke my computer clicking the Buy It Now button so hard! A few weeks later I found a somewhat complete PIAA decalset and I was ready to go.

One thing I don't like about most built PIAA 911's is the body seems so transparent if it's just painted white. I wanted to avoid this, so after the white coat, I backed it with bright silver, then silver, then black. The body looks solid and the interior is nice and dark. I'm doing this to all my bodies now- the black undercoat really helps. I took my sweet time on the decals and added some vinyl detail lines. They weren't nearly as labor intensive as my Taisan decals, but still tricky. I found some new H-trees which contain the wing and mirrors. I airbrushed them with Tamiya pure white followed by clear. The decal sheet was missing the headlights, marker lights, front intake details and rear tailights- but a member of the club, Paul T. graciously emailed me a hi-res scan of these parts and now I can print out the missing decals on waterslide and complete this beauty. I would eventually like to build some GT2 rollbars for this car and my Taisan. I don't like the PIAA wheels either, so I went with the 2-piece mesh with wide rears- and sprayed the centers a flat chrome. Much bettah.....

*UPDATE 7/28* I applied the waterslide decals, and they look great! Thanks Paul T. for the scan and my bud Sneddy over @ Hot Wheels for the decals! Now this bad boy is complete.

1 very little of the original kit remains

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black beauty







damn, its so nice!!

rizzo rat


Yet another fantastic porsche


Nice car man.



everytime i see a NICE 911 PIAA i kick myself for giving my kit away... NICE car for your collection



hi, what did you use to do the shut lines?



Alpha, the shutlines are done with Pactra striping tape. Be sure to heat them up and 'melt' them on otherwise they will just peel off.






awesome looking Porsche with excellent rims! are the rims painted? (which color?)



Michael, the rims are airbrushed with Alsa chrome laquer. It is similar to Alclad lacquer, a very thin chrome paint. It looks great and holds up very well!



Aswesome looking car!... I wish i never gave mine away ....
The more i keep looking at your PIAA the more i will kick myself in the BUTT ....



Great detail work Jun, Always nice to have them outside, the pics are wonderful!



the wheels are lovely and the two porsches look good. i love gt2s too



Your Car is One of my Favorites... I finnaly picked up one again but I need the sticker set... This looks so Clean. I have the exact setup as yours(Chassis,Shocks).. as soon as i get a decal set i'm hoping mine will be just as clean!

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