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Date: 23-Jul-2006
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Took the touregs down to West Witterings beach near Chicester on the saturday of the Goodwood weekend havin been to the festival on the friday and also picking up the 1st protoype from Keith at Kamtec for my pajero T3 (pics to follow). Took the touaregs down the far end on the dunes and lfat dusty paths round little crops of camel grass like grasses it was awesome. both cars performed imaculately, tho my steering has now been shimed so that it no longer binds with sand but other than that perfect, 1 only gt stuck 3 times in over an hour of running. Took some small vids that i will edit some time and post. Running totally stock and very effective with locked rear diff may semi lock the front for little more traction but it more driving style that lets u float them on the top of the sand in an effortless fashion. Only added some custom tupper ware to keep the sand out of the electrics - simple box screwed onto the radio tray worked extremly well. thanks for looking and any comments/questions welcome. cheers Ryck

My 06 touareg with cut front end + new sump gaurd together with dads 04 style model Sitting down in the sand - Only stuck 3 times!! Pit stop - note tupper ware boxes I made Slight problems with dads rear bumper thing :@ Mum trys the digital camera lol - practice needed




Nice pics. Sandregs???

Wrc action


Yeah lol - they were very impressive only getting stuck a few times in over an hour of running - cleaning was a pain tho lol

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