Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Runner
Date: 24-Jul-2006
Comments: 9
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My pride and joy is back - Picked the shell back up from Kamtec along with the 1st prototype copy which will be decaled as a test car. He hopes to have a full kit out soon so look out. Fits on a normal buggy chassis the stock version is a lazer alpha chassis this depicts the 1992 Paris le cap winning pajero of Hubert Auriol and phillip Monanny. The shell needs some work to touch it up as it had lights fitted as well as some additons such as mud flaps etc then it will sit on the shelf whilst the copies are run most likely on a dark impact base (does anyone have one for sale) depending upon its exact wheelbase that need to asscertain (again any body help with this?). Im nt sure exactly how rare this is tho i haven't seen another in 2 years aftering getting this one from walawalaa couple of years back. So if anyone has one somewhere as i know a few of you have the citroen Zx model from the same time but i need a set of nikon decals or any odd decals u have that are the same as those on this car. Please feel free to ask any questions and leave comments about this model. cheers Ryck

From the front - Proper headlights work well other side view - No window masks lol Wing mirrors and wipers included - great detail! The rear - 4 colour lines done by hand The 1st prototype copy in Abs Some small issues and hopefully lexan soon The real one in action As it can from Macua and walawala :D The updated prototype 1 These are the wheels needed




Very cool - I like it a lot! I think it need Touareg wheels/tires to fill the arches though.....

Wrc action


I have tried the touareg wheels and tyres - There just a little to big and rub to much - so i will look for some 5 spoke buggy ones now. thanks for ure comment ryck



How about the Rough Rider rears? - They can be stretched over Toerag wheels bit give a smaller over all dia.?

Wrc action


Yeah but how much? also the ones on there are 35mm diameter and i wana keep that wide footprint when i make my runner version, regards Ryck



Very nice! Will be after one of the copies to sit next to my ZX!

Wrc action


Any chance of a zx copy? be nice to sit by the pajero


The pictures look great I,ve shown them to my buddies at work and they think I should grow up but 'NUTS to that'



looks cool


Looks good, wonder if he would do a MTW shell....

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