Model: 58345: Ferrari F430
Status: Runner
Date: 28-Jul-2006
Comments: 8
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This is my TA-05 it is my best car as is has multiple upgrades for instance:

Tamiya Aramid Drive Belt (Blue) 2

Tamiya High Precision Centre Pulley Bushing

Tamiya 4mm Anodized Aluminium Flange Lock Nuts (Blue)

Tamiya 46mm Assembly Universal Shaft 2

Tamiya Carbon Centre Plate

Tamiya Lightweight Centre Shaft

Tamiya 5mm Aluminium Hex Head Ball Connector

Tamiya 8mm Aluminium Hex Head Ball Connector

Tamiya Stabilizer Set (F&R)

Tamiya 5mm Aluminium Short Ball Nut (Blue)

Tamiya Aluminium Side Brace

Tamiya High Precision Diff Joints 2

Take Off Super Light Weight Titanium Screw Set (Blue)

It is not nearly as good as some of the ones on TC but it is good enough for me.
I mainly play on car parks as it is lovely and flat with hardly any stones and go sometimes in a morning and normally at about 20:30 when they shut.

It has on it a Tamiya Ferrari Enzo pr-Painted Shell will personalised No. plates reading Joel 1

The heat sink W/ cooling fan really helps performance and would certainly recommend one.

My recommendation is BUY ONE QUICK

Wouldn't be complete without a mug-shot

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
TA-05 goes OFF road




nice car mate, i've just got one of these and they are great, wish mine had all the hop ups yours has tho. great build something to be proud of



thanks, yours is very nice too. I think I prefer the F340 rather than the Enzo (mine)



I went racing the other day and the body is now split in two places and covered in rubber (I'm rubbish)



hopuped Monster!!!



as a new body i'd recommend a Audi A4 DTM - - i just love those bodies



Well I think I will improve my driving skill before, I even think of getting a new shell. lol

Wrc action


to true lol - I used to destroy shells on my street course - somehow pavement and kirbs dont make for a gd lifespan lol - still now I am much more tidy in my driving and a shell lasts a lot longer which is gd as some of the areas of my track are only 1meter wide lol.



Well I painted my Eunos Roadster shell today and I have to say that my painting also needs improvement! lol

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