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Status: New built
Date: 29-Jul-2006
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Few people know of my obsession with the Toyota 2000GT. Some love GT40s, some Lamborghinis, they are all great cars but if I had to choose a car to have, it would be the me, the holy grail of automobiles. This build has taken a long time, well over a year and a half. It appeared briefly in my showroom but took it down as it was idle for far too long.

The bodyset is by Kawada, the chassis is a TT01 that came from a BMW M3 I parted out. The body is painted Tamiya gold, with airbrushed chrome trim on the outside. The decals that came with the body weren't the best and I thought this deserved real chrome. I sprayed clearcoat on top of the chrome to protect it. The part that took the longest was all the tape lines, I cut the lines by hand with flexy vinyl as I couldn't find any thin enough. One thing I love about this bodyset is it comes with headlight buckets. For added realism and function, I used the light housings and lenses from a Jugg rollbar and installed them into the Kawada housings. The result is so realistic, and they will function once I install the lights!

I wanted a scale look so I used S800 M-chassis wheels and believe it or not, Hornet front tires all around. This gave me the tall and skinny profile I was after. Low profile tires just look wrong on this car- it's the only way.

The chassis is stock except for bearings, carbon upper deck and aluminum prop shaft. I intend on running it carefully. For more realism I've removed the front drivetrain to make it RWD. I will probably just run the silver can, or a Sport-Tuned at most- but I HAVE to see this car run! I'll continue to noodle the car quite a bit- I plan on adding an interior and exterior details like mirrors and wipers, maybe a machined aluminum fuel cap, and of course, some LEDs in the light housings. Also on the list are stainless steel exhausts- but for now it's looking good and ready for running soon. I can't wait to find another 2000GT shell so I can build another- this time the Shelby race version! I have to give credit to my friend Raffy who found this bodyset in Akihabara last year- you've got sharp eyes my friend! 8D

modded Jugg light housings and lenses Honda S800 M-chassis wheels matched up nicely 2 Ribbed buggy tires on a road car? Why not!


Corpse Thrower


Absolutely gorgeous. PLEEEZE post videos of it running and the lights working!!



Inspired! Awesome! Innovative! Need any more adjectives? That is one of the neatest cars i have seen on this site. I know not everyone appreciates old school Japanese cars, but i am sure they cant help but like this one...



Wow, this is an amazing job mate. Where did you buy that body? It looks real good



Gorgeous, I'm a fan too!



amazing car, nice job!



Thanks for your comments guys, I can't wait to actually see it running. For the lights, I might run yellow LED's so they look more like fogs. Beetle, the bodyset was a gift from a friend who found it in Tokyo. Depending on where you are, they might be hard to get...I know I've never seen them here in the states.



Fantastic car, work and ideas, especially the use of Hornet tires, respect!



fantastic, I had to look twice to see it was a model and not the real thing



Simply stunning, not normally a fan of gold but it really suits the 2000GT. Love the little details such as the shut lines, chrome and light buckets. The use of hornet tyres is inspired, as you say, it wouldn't have looked right on low profile tyres.

The Dodge


Stunning! The wheels and tyres are 100% bang on scale for the body. Making your own line stripes is an impressive display of patience! Well worth the effort



Very nice superb detail .


Good choice of rims and tires! Looks a bit like the real thing! I like exotic vintage Japanse cars too, like the Mazda Cosmo, RX-7 etc. The Toyota is like the Japanese E-type...very nice model!



Ah Mr Imai, another classic one off. This has to be put up in the display at work.



Just let me know when you're gonna set it up and I'll load the collection into the bed of my truck! If my tires dry rot in there though, I'm giving you the bill!


WOW!!! What a FANTASTIC job you've done! Such a rare r/c body coun't have found a better recipient. You've truly done this car justice. Excellent craftsmanship! Those wheels look GR8! I bet Kawada never knew how good this body could look. LOL! Glad I found it and handed it over 2 u. I never could've made it look THIS good. Japan was a blast! We gotta go again sometime, or anywhere else for an R/C scavenger hunting trip.



Just plain awesome!!!
You hit the nail there!!!



Amazing work. This is one of the FEW cars that I've seen where you really have to look twice to be able to tell if it's 1:1 or 1:10. Superb. Into the Favs it goes...



This thing looks spectacular, great work Jun! Hornet tires???? you crazy man!



What a stonking scale piece! A real beauty! Excellent work well done!

Rothmans Racing Team


Gosh, that color is horrible, but it's certainly period correct. You've done a wonderful job with this fella!

Crash Cramer


Wow, I have not looked at your showroom in TOOOOOOO Long, I must visit more regularly to spur me on to building and if I came even 1/4th as close to painting as you do, well I could live with that. I must learn patience when it comes to spraying. I really want to get a look at the tires width and did you shave the wheels width or are they just hiding under the shell?



Great work with this one! I vote it as 'best use of Smoothees ever'!



yo! that is one gorgeous RC



The thing I love most about TC is when a member goes back in someone's showroom and reintroduces us to treasures such as this one. I couldn't stop staring at the pictures Jun. Truly a beautiful model. The period color and beautifully detailed lines (along with the sugbtle details such as the lights) certainly takes it to the next level.



For anyone who wants to try their hand at the 2000GT? Try here, I have just ordered my tribute! [Click here] Also Cardesigner, any chance of a look without the shell, I am really interested in how you got the hornet tires onto the S800 rims!

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