Model: (Click to see more) 57738: XB Tyrrell P34 Six-Wheeler
Status: New built
Date: 1-Aug-2006
Comments: 3
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thank goodness, they've re-release this model, was quite a find :) this is one of my priced cars!

what I always wanted

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Great car isn't it? I'm glad they used the original plastic parts and tires. Now I can restore mine (original)!



indeed this one on the shelf



Yes this new tyrrell's tires are alot better than the original tires. the original ones were to soft and they had mold lines in the rear tires. I bought a set of these for my old tyrrell. They are an exact fit. they realy look good with the tire lettering painted on both sides of the tires. The fronts are a pain to do. nice ride, looks great!

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