Model: (Click to see more) 99986: AYK
Status: NIB
Date: 2-Aug-2006
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To my eye this isn't one of AYK's best efforts but it certainly is one of its' earliest - circa 1979/80. I have no idea of the significance of the 'Big Nova' in the models name but it has to rank in the top 100 silliest RC car names.

It's unusual to find an AYK on the 'Bay even more unusual to find an early one in NIB condition, so when I spotted this with a reasonable BIN price it only took a few seconds of agonising and a couple of button presses and it was in the bag :)

At first glance it appears that the shell is too large for the diminutive RX1200 type chassis but the large rear overhang is all part of the design of the original full size car the shell is modelled on. A colour photo of the full size car is shown on the front cover of the owners manual (all Japanese text) and it looks like AYK have done a good job of recreating it in 1/12th scale. Like the majority of AYK's models the chassis comes already assembled, requiring only radio gear and a splash of paint on the shell before you can get it on the road.

The car has weathered the years it's spent in storage in the US well, the box and contents are in excellent condition.

For the first time this year I got caught by UK Customs for VAT when this car came into the country. It wasn't a huge amount but it and the shipping cost did add up to make the car pretty expensive overall but it's an AYK so I can live with it ;)

If you're interested in AYKs I recommend looking in InetRC's showroom, he has an excellent collection which I regularly use as a reference point for some of the more obscure early Japanese models




Nice find! Stunning piece of history!



Nova is what type of car it is.The Nova was raced along with other cars in the Japanese Grand Champion series. The Driver of this car is Hoshino. He is the owner of the Calsonic Super GT team. All of those blue Skylines that Tamiya makes are modeled after his cars.Hoshino is a very famous driver here in Japan,ranked in the top five.The RX1200 was the national champion in Japan.

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