Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Runner
Date: 4-Aug-2006
Comments: 2
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one of the most well design kit... very smooth to run, on Brushless power! Handles Great! so far I haven't seen a buggy that accelarate faster than the ZX-5.... full of speed and handles turns great!

■LAZER ZX-5 Unassembled Kit

・model number - 30076

・model name - Kyosho

・released - 30 Sep 2005

・drive - 4WD - Shaft

・suspension - Independent wishbone

・chassis desc. - Carbon Reinforce

・body - ZX-5

・motor - None

・original price - 499

・width - 248mm

・length - 380mm

・wheel base - 270mm

・height - 145mm

・weight - 1,650g

・scale - 1/10

showroom condition now workshop Gear Ratio

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Hi, I wanna to buy a buggy for racing but I donĀ“t know which one is better, if ZX-5 or Losi XXX4. What do you think? Please, answer me to my e-mail ( [Mail me] ). Thanks a lot.



Hi gravel, I play these buggies mainly for fun not for racing, may not be a good person to give you advise on racing. maybe you can try the buggy forum at [Click here]
personaly I like ZX-5 better than XXX4

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