Model: (Click to see more) 58367: F103GT Chassis Kit
Status: Project
Date: 5-Aug-2006
Comments: 6
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After some weight, weight distribution, power, gear ratio, motor timing, etc... tinkering, I got my dragster up to 108 kph today. I have just a few more tricks up my sleeve, hoping to achieve 115 when I apply those. New goal is set at 120 kph... Let's see if I can make it ;)

Won't give out too many details, as this car will be running in a compo pretty soon. More info after I annihilated all competition there...

More info on the car: check my other showroom entry or

Picture as proof ;)

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Project Dragster



Looks pretty fast! How did you calibrate it?



WOW that's awesome!!!!

Ridgeback Racing Team


OMG that is really fast... You can probably beat lots of nitro cars with that machine!



Which kind of device you used? I did some GPS recordings on my cars, but it seems to be impossible to beat 40-50 Kmh (depending on the model). I'm mainly interested in the motor and aerodynamics you adopted to keep this rocket down on the earth



Check my site for more info. I have been fiddeling around with gear ratios, have added a spektrum receiver, and cut some of the body to optimize wind resistance. Now I'm just waiting for a new, lexan spoiler to get the weight down, and I'm off to the next test. Pretty sure I'll beat 110-115 - but I'lml have to wait and see... [Click here]


108km/u hoe heb je dat voor elkaar gekregen????

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