Model: (Click to see more) 58154: AM General M1025 Hummer
Status: Project
Date: 11-Aug-2006
Comments: 6
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This sad little guy was bought on Ebay. I paid $63.00 for it and was able to turn around and resell the junky radio gear it came with for $50. The idea for this project came about after seeing a real H1 for sale, which was also a white 4 door. I started this project by cutting off the rear of the body and making the new area with bits of styrene. Removing the hatch turned into a nightmare, trying to get it filled in prefectly. The paint is Tamiya's pure white. The next part of the project is going to be a modified chassis to increase the ground clearance. Let me know what you think so far.

*Update* The chassis is pretty much complete now. I ended up making a whole new chassis out of plate aluminum. As as you can see the improvement in ground clearance is tremendous! I added some brass square stock to beef it up a little and it seems to do the trick. The tupperware container is where the esc, receiver and battery will go. The purpose for this is to have worry free running, as the only things to get wet now are the motor and servo. Speaking of servo, I sealed all the seams with silicone and put grease around the output shaft. As a last modification to the chassis, I was able to competely remove the front bumper and U shaped suspension pin and replace them with screw pins installed from the back side. Getting the bumper off there gives the truck a great approach angle. Still have yet to run it as the electronics aren't mounted yet. It may be a while though with the dawn of winter now.

**Update: This truck is now sold**

How it looked before



What I think of it? I think pic 1 looks just like the 1:1!!! Great job!



Hay there ! Projects looking good mate. First pic is a cracker, Looks like a real car. Looks great in white. Nice job. Looking forward to seeing more pics of updates. Cheers. Andy



That's a good looking project you have, i also thought it was a real one. You have done a very nice job with the conversion and with the pictures aswell. Cheers

Maxxed Ross


nice work buddy, I was going to remove the turret on my project but decided it was far too much hassle



i love it i'm gonna make the same rear on my hummer... i used longer shocks to make it higher... I Also installed some TLT wheels&tires, next plan is to make myself an chassis...

Rising Jack


So realistic! Amazing work!

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