Model: (Click to see more) 49190: Dyna Storm Rerelease
Status: New built
Date: 13-Aug-2006
Comments: 3
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Absolutely beautiful to build. Everything seems to fit with tight tolerances that until now I have not experienced with any Tamiya kit. I took a photo of every stage of the build, I'll start a thread with all the pics soon. I am absolutely stoked with this car!! Fully ballraced, high spec motor, clutch, ball diffs, universals, turnbuckles, etc etc etc....EVERYTHING is included!! If you don't have one, mud wrestle your mother to get one!! I painted this in Death Blue, and Death Black. Death Blue is comprised of Translucent blue first, then Pearl clear, then the purple/green flip paint, all backed with black. Looks amazing in the sun. A world class kit overall, I wish they all were like this.

I love this angle Colour came out brilliantly!!




i agree, one of the best! top paint job!!!



looks very mean with those colours, great job youv'e done! you should join the ' dyna storm owners club '



That is gorgeous !

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