Model: (Click to see more) 58079: Egress
Status: Restored
Date: 14-Aug-2006
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The Egress,
Like the Avante it was a car I have always wanted since it came out. But the very high price tag plus never even seeing it in the shops made this car another distant dream!
Got this car about 2 years ago from the bay all the way from germany for a good price, it was in a good used condition with box, but missing correct body shell and correct wheels, but as I already had these items this did not bother me. The car also came with a large selection of spares new and used. Since then this car has been completely stripped, cleaned and restored to fully working display condition with about 60% new parts, the hardest parts to sorce being the new rear hybrid tyres and the odd missing titanium screws. The only thing that is not strictly stock are the fwd springs witch are a fermer type and not the impossible to find egress only one's! Am on the hunt for a dyna tech 02h or 01r for it, but at the mo it has a 18t pama in it to fill the hole.
At present I have no plans to run this car (even though its in a working condition) but this is now and I will no doubt change my mind when the urge becomes to great!

1 Hmm Carbon!! Ebay Add




Incredible job on the fit & finish of your Egress. Would have never guessed it was restored!

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