Model: (Click to see more) 58365: Midnight Pumpkin Chrome Metallic Special
Status: Extra info
Date: 15-Aug-2006
Comments: 10
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I saw the box for one of these in my LHS' window, and that big 'Chrome Metallic Special Ltd. Ed' stickers really made an impact! I'd liked them anyway, and seeing as how cheap they seem to be at the moment, I felt it was time to get one.

Thanks to timetunnel for super quick service, ordered Sunday night, arrived Tuesday! When I first opened up the box and saw the shining contents, my first thought was to put the lid on and leave it NIB. It looked so good, and smelt so good too, and I didn't want to ruin that. But, knowing me, this wanting to keep it unbuilt period only lasted about 5 minutes. The build itself wasn't too bad, but it seemed that every self tapping screw that needed to be screwed into the hard plastic, didn't want to go. You really had to push quite hard to get some of them all the way in. Anywhoo, finished it in just under 4 hours, but I didn't put any radio in ... yet :D

I took it out in the sun to get some pictures, and the shell is unbelievable shiny. I think I'm going to have to get a runner shell, and keep this one for the shelf :)

Let us know what you think! Thanks.

UPDATED photos with flame stickers applied, see first two pics!

UPDATE: Finally got a runenr body for this, thanks to Modelsport for a Parma LExan Pumpkin one. Sprayed it up quickly using some of my spare paints, turned out pretty well. Something different from my normal colours! Sorry for not so good pics of it, light was rapidly dissapearing and it had just been run, so it was all dirty!

Updated pic with flames stickers applied Updated pic with flame stickers applied These 4 pics are before I put the flames on... Throbbin' With new runner shell... ... and again! Oooh, fancy!


Rothmans Racing Team


Nice one PH!



Nice One, me want one ! Chrome all the way!


Well nice mate, want one myself



Thanks for the comments guys! I've just finished adding the blue flame decals, and it looks even better! I'll try to take some more pics at somepoint.



Looking good in chrome, definately the complete opposite to my Anti-Bling Pumpkin! Just needs a looney motor in it and you'll be sorted.



Love that chrome body, Will you risk running/ruining it at the next 'Reading Bash' ??



Dunk, 'course I'm gonna run the Pumpkin, but not with this body! The chrome one is staying firmly on the shelf!



Okay Allie, I won't set a date till I've heard back from you mate. Cheers, Dunk



Very nice, looks like theres no ford badge on the back of the Pumpkins anymore? Still, awesome paintjob!



The chrome shell looks fantastic. Is that the Polycarb Parma pumpkin shell you have for running? The Pumpkin / Lunchbox has to be the most fun you can have. My one just makes me smile very single time. Have fun mate and thanks for you comments. Cheers. Andy

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